Je T'aime Body

    "Love Your Body" 

Je T'aime Body started as a result of my being diagnosed with Eczema a few years ago. I, nor my family have ever battled with skin challenges, so this news came as shock. After seeing my dermatologist, I was prescribed medication to control the spread of the illness. I was never one for medication, prescriptions, chemicals or synthetics.. even bleach toed the line! So as I sat looking at a jar of what resembled Petroleum Jelly and reading the ingredients, I became compelled to find a better way to remedy my skin. It began as a scroll through Pinterest, adding articles and pictures to my "Life Hacks" board. Eventually, I came across a recipe for the Green Tea Facial Scrub. Intrigued, I started digging into more recipes I found for facial remedies as I also suffered from Sebhorreic Dermatitis and a bit of acne (fun stuff, right?).

Pin after pin after pin, I realized the benefits of essential oils, teas, clays, herb and spices. After months of researching blending, top notes, bases, butters and ALL the science behind what was good for which skin type and why, I was finally ready to start creating! And from there, it snowballed...

I gave baskets as gifts, I made butters for friends, I started doing my own clay masks and aromatherapy facials.. I was a woman obsessed... turned entrepreneur!

I think we all look for something to do with our lives that won't drive us insane. That's what Je T'aime Body is for me. I honestly love what I do, watching ideas become real life products, then watching those products bring joy to others' lives.

Je T'aime is a french phrase that translates to "I love you". I think it's about time we reminded our skin how we feel!