Je T'aime Body

    "Love Your Body" 

Chakras.. what are they?? The thinking is that the chakras are the "energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all it's processes". There are 7 known major chakras: "Root" - Basic Trust, "Sacral" - Sexuality/Creativity, "Solar Plexus" - Wisdom/Power, "Heart" - Love/Healing, "Throat" - Communication, "Third Eye" - Awareness and "Crown" - Spirituality. 

When these energy centers are out of alignment, the body is in disharmony. It is thought that meditation, essential oils and yoga can help with realigning the chakras. 

We have created a 7-Layer soap, each color corresponds to a chakra in the body, scented in fabulous "Absinthe" . Get your balance back with, "Om!" Available now!

This soap was definitely my favorite to make. Initially, I was looking to just swirl the colors, but they had their own idea.! In going with the flow, these beautiful creations came about in the form of a sort of cloud-type dream! Fantastic! 

Coconut milk in a glycerin base moisturizes skin adding softness. Sea salt replenishes skin with minerals magnesium and potassium for skin health and function. Scented in "Ocean Rain", this soap is clean and fresh!